10 out of 12


In this wry and engaging inside look at the makings of a play, the curtain is pulled back on a world unfamiliar to the public, yet very familiar to all practitioners of theatre – a technical rehearsal. It lovingly reveals the wonder, whimsy, and boredom found in those magical hours in the darkness associated with the process of teching a play. An immersive experience that turns the tedious process of creating illusion into moments of humour, beauty, and strangeness.

Featuring: Robert Benz, Nadien Chu, Jesse Gervias, Garett Ross, Melissa Thingelstad, Dave Horak, Mat Hulshof, Kristi Hansen, Rebecca Merkley, Larissa Pohoreski, Scott Peters, Corben Kushneryk, Scott Spidell, Natasha Prasad
Director, Set & Sound Design:
 Jim Guedo
Stage Manager:  Jenn Best
Lighting Design & House Technician: Scott Peters