Where The Blood Mixes

Where the Blood Mixes goes straight to the heart. But it goes there via the funny bone.

Vancouver Courier

Feb. 12 – Mar 3; Tues – Sat 8PM; Sun 2PM

“This place is called Kumsheen in our language… The place inside the heart where the blood mixes.”
Bitingly funny and brutally honest, Where the Blood Mixes is a deeply personal story about loss and redemption, humanity and survival. Floyd and Mooch, raised in residential schools, are confronted with their past when Floyd’s daughter Christine returns to Kumsheen after twenty years. Her arrival unleashes a flood of memories and secrets forcing each of them to face the truth underlying not only their own history, but the history of a Nation. Set during the salmon run, this highly acclaimed play takes us to the bottom of the river, to the heart of a People. Where the Blood Mixes reunites Lorne Cardinal and Craig Lauzon on the Roxy stage.

Starring: Robert Benz, Lorne Cardinal, Craig Lauzon, Sera-Lys McArthur and Michaela Washburn • Director: Bradley Moss • Set and Lighting Designer: Cory Sincennes • Costume Designer: Jeff Chief
Sound Designer: Dave Clarke

Media Sponsor: CBC

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