Free-man On The Land

A cerebral, lively look into an onerous topic.

VUE Weekly

January 15 – 27; Tues – Sat 8PM, Sun 2PM

Azimuth Theatre remounts its exploration of the complicated bundle of principles, tenets, and mantras that comprise the Free-man on the Land philosophy. Through a playful structure, integrated video design, and live original music by local singer/songwriter Dale Ladouceur, you will be introduced to the theatrical fiction of The Man Commonly Known As Richard Svoboda as he strives to disengage from the system of legal fictions that claim to govern us.

Director: Murray Utas • Playwright: Steve Pirot • Performers: Murray Utas, Steve Pirot, Des Parenteau, Dale Ladouceur • Video Design: Matt Schuurman • Original Music Composition: Dale Ladouceur

*Photo by Monika Czuprynski, Visual Index Photography

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