Big Shot

You literally cannot take your eyes off him. Stewart is a mass of creative energy

SEE Magazine

Alone on the Vancouver Skytrain, a young boy obsessed with the action films in his city begins to recreate a brutal tragedy he witnessed while going home. He pitches the horrific event to you, the audience, as the greatest movie ever made, weaving in and out of the various characters involved: a recovering heroin addict from east Hastings, a seventy-year-old Japanese pickpocket, the officer who committed the act, an abandoned mother, and the mysterious filmmaker inspired by the terrible tragedy. This fast-paced, thrilling play for one actor returns to Edmonton after four years of touring.

Starring: Jon Lachlan Stewart • Director: Georgina Beaty • Set /Projection Design: Paul Bezaire • Set/Lighting Design: Cory Sincennes • Sound Designer: Dave Clarke • Stage Manager: Dana Strauss

 “Words just don’t do it justice. See this play.” -SEE Magazine

Presented as part of The Roxy Performance Series, sponsored by Imperial Equities

*Photo by Mat Simpson

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