TV is getting bigger and bigger so we are blowing up our screen to a whopping 168 x 312 inches!

We will black band the top and bottom for the proper ratio to create a genuine 3D experience with no glasses required! Join us for PILOT SEASON; a theatrical presentation of two new TV Comedy Pilots where you are both studio audience and theatre audience.

Chris Craddock and Neil Grahn have developed a special writing partnership – one filled with trust and support. They hope that you get a chuckle from these comedic works that have sprung forth from their creative partnership.

Please read the preceding paragraphs with a gentle piano score in your mind.

Cast: Harvey Anderson, Amanda Bergen, Leona Brausen, Chris Craddock, Brian Dooley, Sheldon Elter, Jessie Gervais, Linda Grass, Anna-Maria Lemaistre, Jesse McPhee, Ryan Parker, Trevor Schmidt, Davina Stewart, Donovan Workun

Directors: Neil Grahn and Bradley Moss

Video Designer: Paul Bezaire Lighting Designer: Scott Peters Stage Manager: Jenn Best