Mostly Water

Friday/Saturday: Mar 9 & 10

Mostly Water is back!

This time round Mostly Water will be joined by the dynamic playwright and Artistic Director for Northern Light Theatre Trevor Schmidt, heartfelt and hilarious musical guests The Bud and Yolanda Experience (Darrin Hagen and Linda Karenko) and directed by Theatre Network’s own (Bodacious) Bradley Moss. MW will bring you a bevy of old/new skits, songs and videos. Pulling works from past shows with CBC Radio, The Edmonton Fringe and their six novella compilation of poetry inspired Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s dream journal. MW has special gifts for all the precious peoples. Think SNL meets Mr. Show.


Starring: Craig Buchert, Elizabeth Ludwig, Jason Ludwig, Matt Stanton, Trent Wilkie

March 9 & 10 at 8 PM Call (780) 453-2440 for tickets.

Presented as part of The Roxy Performance Series, sponsored by Imperial Equities