The Lonesome West

By the same playwright who penned the recent Theatre Network hit, A Skull in Connemara and last year’s The Pillowman at the Citadel Theatre, this uproarious dark comedy gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘sibling rivalry’ as two Irish brothers battle over the rights to their late father’s inheritance. Rounding out the colourful cast of characters are the village’s alcoholic but well-meaning priest, and the local moonshine supplier, a young girl of seventeen with a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush. McDonagh’s blistering humour and razor sharp wit are everywhere in this surprise-filled, emotional roller coaster of a play. Featuring four of Edmonton’s most gifted professional actors, and directed by local stage veteran Julien Arnold, this production promises to be a riotous evening at the theatre.

Starring: Chris Bullough, Collin Doyle, Clarice Eckford, James Hamilton
Director: Julien Arnold
Set, Light & Costume Design: Lisa Hanchareck

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