Famous Puppet Death Scenes

The Old Trouts promise to cure your fear of death: no more anxiety about difficult choices, no more dreading birthdays, no more desperate pleas for immortality through fame, art, or progeny. Through a collection of famous scenes culled from the absolute best puppet shows in history, the Old Trouts will deconstruct your traumatized psyche and reconstruct you so that death means nothing to you anymore. Promise ever-lasting life. Through a puppet show. That’s right.

Starring: Peter Balkwill, Mitchell Craib, Pityu Kenderes & Judd Palmer
Directed by Tim Sutherland
Costumes by Jen Gareau and Sarah Malik
Lighting Design and Production Stage Management by Cimmeron Meyer
Sound Design by Mike Rinaldi
Produced by Grant Burns
Trout Administrator: Norma Lock
Additional Production by: Mercedes Bátiz-Benét, Marilyn Palmer, Dawn Bryan, Jimmy Davidge & Don Brinsmead