BitchSlap! is one of those rare comedies where you start laughing in the first five seconds and don’t stop until the final bow.

Edmonton Sun

The 2005 Fringe hit BitchSlap! is back. Joan Crawford (The Movie Star) and Bette Davis (The Actress): the ultimate Screen Goddesses. Too bad they hated each other so much! In this real-life showbiz feud, Crawford and Davis battle royally (like Queens) over roles, top billing, Oscars and MEN.

Starring: Darrin Hagen, Trevor Schmidt and Davina Stewart
Director: Trevor Schmidt
Multi-Media Designer: Ian Jackson
Costume Designer: Jamie Anne Ireland
Makeup Designer: James Ross
Stage Manager: Gina Moe


BitchSlap4.jpg BitchSlap065BB.jpg Bitchslap07B.jpg BitchSlap050B.jpg BitchSlap043.JPG