Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad

“You’re mistaken. I’m not holdin your hand. I’m holdin my mitt. Your hand just happens to be in it.”

It’s time to face off, drop the gloves…and fall in love? Opposites attract as two single parents meet while watching their sons play minor league hockey. Donna, a timid, out-of-work teacher, does her best to resist Teddy – who’s as hell-bent on winning over Donna as he is his son’s team winning each game. Through practices, games and the whir of the Zamboni, unexpected sparks fly from the bleachers. Cheer on the pair as they make a cautious, yet hilarious comeback to romance – all against the backdrop of our nations beloved pastime!

Starring: Sharla Matkin and Frederick Zbryski
Director: Bradley Moss
Set & Costume Designer: Marissa Kochanski
Lighting Designer: Scott Peters
Sound Designer: Dave Clarke
Stage Manager: Betty Hushlak

Previews: February 13 and 14
: February 15
Runs through:
March 04

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