Closer and Closer Apart

“That’s the thing I’ve learned. No phones in heaven. So you should make a point of saying what you need to say to a person while you still have access to them.”

Stickland made his name as one of the province’s funniest playwrights, but also one of its most powerful.

Calgary Herald

Joe can’t remember things the way he used to. The former architect leaves his books scattered around the room, struggles to keep up his “dewy decimal filing system” and clings to his life’s details scrawled on paper. His daughter Melody, en route to a new life in Arizona, and his son Michael, a preoccupied real-estate agent, must struggle to help their sick father – a man too proud to confront his own illness. A beautifully compassionate and humorous new play from award-winning playwright, Eugene Stickland.

“[Stickland’s] passion for human complexities and his offbeat sense of humour has made him a vital fixture in the theatre community.” – Calgary Herald

Starring: Julien Arnold, Jim DeFelice, Sue Huff
Director: Bradley Moss
Set and Costume Designer: Narda McCarroll
Lighting Designer: David Fraser
Sound Designer: Darrin Hagen
Stage Managed by: Betty Hushlak

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