10 Days On Earth

“You’re my angel with just one wing.”

Ronnie Burkett is one of the geniuses of the world... seeing his troupe every few years has just become a necessity of civilized theatregoing.

The Village Voice (New York, NY)

Created and performed by Ronnie Burkett
Previews October 17 and 18 • Opens October 19 • Runs through November 26

Darrel, a mentally challenged adult, doesn’t realize his mother has died in her sleep. For ten days straight he unknowingly lives alone, continuing his simple daily routine and daydreaming about his favorite storybook characters, Honeydog and Little Burp.

Created and performed by international marionette master, Ronnie Burkett, 10 Days On Earth is a funny, honest and truly beautiful portrayal of a mother’s love for her son, the entire time asking If you were alone and didn’t know it, would you feel lonely?

10 Days on Earth is a theatrical piece intended and created solely for a mature audience. Children under 14 will not be admitted.

Music and Sound Designer: Cathy Nosaty
Lighting Designer: Bill Williams

Photo: Cylla von Tiedemann

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