The Black Rider

"Take off your skin and dance around in your bones."

...visually stunning, perversely funny and wickedly Gothic musical...

Winnipeg Free Press

It is a wickedly sensuous world where nothing is what it seems: the devil sings, the animals laugh and the walls are painted with blood. A poetic and fantastical folk-tale comes to life in the form of a bizarre and macabre musical, created by rock icon Tom Waits, beat poet William S. Burroughs and theatrical innovator Robert Wilson.

To win the hand of his true love, Wilhelm makes a dangerous pact:­ a pact with the devil himself. He eagerly accepts the devil’s enchanted bullets, taking aim for a shot that just can’t miss!

Michele Brown, Clinton Carew, Kevin Corey, Rachael Johnston, George Szilagyi and Michael Scholar, Jr.

with Musicians:
Liz Han, Corinne Kessel and Dale Ladouceur

Director: Ron Jenkins
Musical Director: Corinne Kessel
Choreographer: Marie Nychka
Set and Costume Designer: Marissa Kochanski
Lighting Designer: Michael Kruse
Sound Designer: Clinton Carew
Stage Manager: Gina Puntil

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