Summer of My Amazing Luck

Some very unlucky things happened to Lucy when she was younger. She lost her mom. And she needed to fill her void – so she got pregnant. Lucky for her, she wound up at the “Half a Life” Welfare House, where she met her eccentric best friend Lish.
Leaving behind the torrential floods of Winnipeg, Lucy and Lish take their kids in a beat-up-van on a hilarious and heartwarming journey. Lucy discovers the joy of being a mother, of having a father, and of having a life that is full of amazing luck.
Based on the novel by Miriam Toews (Governor General Award winning author of A Complicated Kindness), Summer of my Amazing Luck is a cutting and comical look at poverty, welfare, and having a life.

Starring: Chris Craddock, 
Beth Graham, 
and Caroline Livingstone

Director: Bradley Moss
 Dramaturg: James DeFelice
 Set & Costume Designer: Marissa Kochanski
 Lighting Designer: Scott Peters
 Sound Designer: Dave Clarke 
Stage Manager: Gina Moe

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