A Skull In Connemara

...one of the most exciting playwrights to emerge from Britain in decades...sadistic, inflammatory and dangerous.

The Guardian (London, UK)

Every autumn Mick Dowd digs up the dead, but in this twisted and turbulent Irish comedy, he finds himself digging up a lot more than he bargained for. As he unearths suspicions, buried secrets, surprising twists, and outrageously funny situations, Mick is faced with the task of exhuming the remains of his departed wife.

Starring: Daniel Arnold, Julien Arnold, Patricia Benedict and John Wright
Director: Bradley Moss
Set, Lighting, and Costume Designer: Roger Schultz
Sound Designer: Dave Clarke
Stage Manager: Gina Moe

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Skulls360.JPG Skulls254.JPGSkulls018.JPG Skulls060.JPG  Edmonton -9/11/03-John Wright(left) and Daniel Arnold(Right) in A Skull in Connemara by Martin McDonagh playing at Theatre Network. Photo by Ian Jackson, Epic PhotographySkulls012.JPG

Skulls260.JPG Skulls235.JPGSkulls378.JPGSkulls322.JPG Skulls387.JPGSkulls030.JPG Skulls272.JPG