Perfect Pie

This is undoubtedly the best new play set on a farm and reaching back into the past since The Drawer Boy.

The National Post

Things are far from perfect in Perfect Pie.

A forgotten train of dark, shared memories races towards its imminent collision with the present.

Judith Thompson gives us a haunting and brutal play as two estranged friends painfully unravel a devastating secret.

Starring: Cathy Derkach, Vanessa Holmes, Shannon Larson and Christine MacInnis
Directed by: Marianne Copithorne
Set, Properties and Lighting Designer: Jim Guedo
Costume Designer: Leona Brausen
Sound Designer: Dave Clarke
Stage Manager: Gina Moe
Production Manager: Gina Puntil
Set Construction
: Ron Lavoie, Kevin Humphrey and Adam Mitchell
Scenic Painters: Angie Sotiropolous, Kirby Liknes and Raymond Spittal
Lighting Technician: Kevin Humphrey
Sound Technician: Amanda Roth
Production Assistant: Beth Grieve


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