Imagine if David Lynch or Frank Kafka travelled deep into the coulees of Saskatchewan and gave us their warped insight into modern day palaeontology. A palaeontologist, a landowner, a defrocked minister, and his sister are linked through the discovery and subsequent excavation of a T-Rex dinosaur. This new play by Eugene Stickland (A Guide to Morning and Midlife) is a bold prairie gothic exploring the virtues of science vs. religion, procreation vs. extinction, and our search for meaningful relationships.

Starring: Caroline Livingstone, Jeff Page, Steve Pirot and John Wright
Composer and Pianist: Roger Admiral
Directed by: Bradley Moss
Dramaturg: James DeFelice
Set, Properties and Lighting Designer: Raymond Spittal
Costume Designer: Leona Brausen
MultiMedia Design: Ian Jackson
Stage Manager: Gina Moe
Production Manager: Gina Puntil
Special Effects: Bob David
Head Technician and Special Effects Technician: Kevin Humphrey

” Civilization is only chaos taking a rest.” – Allan Fletcher