An Eye For An Eye

An Eye for an Eye blinds with its brilliance.

The Edmonton Journal

What happens when you mix oil and fire?

What happens when you mix corporate oil, and holy fire?

A fundamentalist preacher is protesting injustice. The RCMP is compromising its role. The oil and gas industry is not responding to environment concerns. This is what happens when a community stops listening.

Featuring: Tony Eyamie, Karen Johnson-Diamond, Kate Pakarnyk and Duval Lang
Directed by: Doug Curtis
Music by: David Rhymer
Performed by: Corinne Kessel
Set Designer: Narda McCarroll
Costume Designer: Leona Brausen
Lighting Designer: Terry Gunvordahl
Stage Manager: Donna Sharpe
Production Manager: Gina Puntil Assistant Director: Jenny Repond
Lead and Lighting Technician: Kevin Humphery
Audio Technician: Adam Mitchell
Set Construction: Ron Lavoie
Scenic Painter: Angie Sotiropoulos