You’ll love PileDriver! for its glee, its insurrectionist spirit, and its heart.

Edmonton Journal

Join local favourites Guys in Disguise and Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie on the end of their spectacular National Tour (The World Premiere:­ PileDriver! ­The Final Tour). PileDriver! is based on a true story of a gay professional wrestling troupe on tour through the prairies in the 1970’s – a bus tour to destiny. Their raucous, raunchy, and sometimes violent romp through the Bible Belt toys with the homoeroticism of wrestling and the irony of sexual identity. A monster hit at the 1999 Edmonton and Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festivals, PileDriver! Is now being developed into a full length, two-act play, touring Canada.

Starring: April Banigan, Joe Bird, Wes Borg, Darrin Hagen and Jeff Page

Directed by: Bradley Moss
Set and Lighting Designer: David Fraser
Costumes Designer: Barbie at Barbiesshop.com
Sound Designer:Joe Bird and Jeff Page
Wrestling Choreography: Bradley Moss
Stage Manager: Gina Moe
Production Manager: Gina Puntil
Lighting Operator: Gina Moe
Audio Technician: Kate Bagnall
Production Assistant: Terry-Lynn White
Carpenter: Lady Henk Kalkman
Welders: Simply Steel
Transport/Technical Advisor: Kate Bagnall


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