Lawrence & Holloman

Moss has assembled what's got to be the best of all possible casts... there are sparks and sparklers throughout.

Edmonton Journal

Canada’s king of eccentric dark comedy brings together two unlikely “best friends”: a hapless, ever optimistic nudnik, and a loquacious, self-absorbed egomaniac. They’re two characters you might expect to see on Jerry Springer – best friends with absolutely nothing in common. This is a world in which Camus meets Dali, and Goya meets Disney:­ think of it as theatre of the absurd settling on a whoopee cushion.

Starring: Jeff Page and John Ullyatt
Directed by: Bradley Moss
Set, Properties and Costume Designer: Narda McCarroll
Lighting and Project Designer: E. Cherie Hoyles
Orgininal Music and Sound Designer: Darrin Hagen
Stage Manager: Betty Hushlak
Production Manager: Gina Puntil
Head Electrician and Coyote Operator: Kate Bagnall
Audio Technician: Bobby Smale
Carpenter and Stage Manager: Mike Ford
Scenic Painters: Narda McCarroll, Warren Pullen, Terry-Lynn White

” The dramatic universe of …Morris Panych is an exquisitely well ordered place. Genuinely funny…smart…carefully crafted and neatly delivered.” – The Globe and Mail

“Lawrence and Holloman can make nihilism seem like a party.” – The Sacramento Bee


L&H loresIMG_7621L& H loresIMG_7602John and jeff 2John and Jeff 3