Mump and Smoot in Something Else with Zug

By Michael Kennard & John Turner

Starring: Michael Kennard, John Turner, Christian Laurin, Greg Morrison, Scott Macdonald and Melissa Rood
 Director: Karen Hines 
Associate Director: Jim Warren
 Musical Direction and Score: Greg Morrison 
Movement Coach: Fiona Griffiths
 Lighting Designer: Michel Charbonneau
 Set Designer: Campbell Manning 
Artwork: James Fisher 
Zug, Scurry and Fingers Costumes made by: Heather MacCrimmon
 Cutter: Tracey Glass 
Photography: Gary Mulcahey
 Production Assistant: Scott Macdonald
 Body Parts: Christine Buckell
 Magic Consultant: Magic Mike 
Stage Manager: Michel Charbonneau
 Assistant Stage Manager: Melissa Rood 
Theatre Network
 Production Manager: Bruce Hennel 
House Technician: Kate Bagnall

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