Street of Blood

When Mrs. Edna Rural pricks her finger and bleeds onto her sewing, she sees the face of Jesus Christ in a quilt square, and the shroud of Turnip Corners changes her sleepy prairie town forever. As the media and the faithful converge, they are joined by a has-been Hollywood vampire seeking rejuvenation, and a karaoke-singing gay terrorist intent on revenge. And, just as the bloodbath begins, the man in the quilt appears in the flesh to the odd trio, revealing that the bonds of blood are thicker and stranger than their individual thirsts led them to believe.

Premiered at Manitoba Theatre Centre’s Warehouse Theatre 1998

Playwright: Ronnie Burkett
Marionettes, Costumes and Set Designer: Ronnie Burkett
Marionettes made by: Ronnie Burkett
Costumes and Quilts made by: Kim Crossley
Additional Sculpting and Molds/Assistant to Mr. Burkett: Angela Talbot
Scenic Carpenter and Drafting: Martin Herbert
Scenic Welder: Wendy Hogan/Hot Flashes
Decorative Metal Work: Jeff deBoer and The Little Gaint Rocket Company
Scenic Painter: Linda Leon
Casting and Sanding: Larry Smith
Additional Sanding: Joni Clarke
Marionette Controls: Luman Coad
Additional Props: Andrea Locktin
Upholstery: Elena Viola
Production Financing Advisor and Accountant: Kevin D. McClelland
Business Liaison: Larry Smith
Studio Supervisor: Hoover
Music Recording Produced by: Mark Korven

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