It’s London of 1958, upstairs in a seedy Soho club called Ezra’s Atlantic. And a couple of high-speed low-life Cockney hustlers, pumped up on pills and pawing the ground, have opted to take the new rock-and-roll — in the marketable person of Elvis-style rocker Silver Johnny — as a personal sign that the Big Time is earmarked as their personal property. In a world where a club boss might show up not just dead, but halved and reposing in two different garbage pans, they’re labouring under the post-war misapprehension that losers can be winners. (Liz Nicholls)

Playwright: Jez Butterworth
Director: John Cooper
Cast: Ron Jenkins, Christopher Bullough, Clinton Carew, Michael Scholar Jr., Michael Wacholtz and Fred Zbryski