High Life

High Life is the hysterical story of four “low-lifes” who come together to pull off the bank job of the century. Addicted to morphine, crime, and jailtime these anti-heroes manage to see through the haze of their own hard lives just enough to patch together a scheme that could turn it all around for them. Will they make it?
Do you have the guts to go along for the ride?

Playwright: Lee MacDougall
Director: Bradley Moss
Cast: Lorne Cardinal, Ron Jenkins, Kevin Kruchkywich and Greg Lawson

Set and Costume Designer: David Skelton
Lighting Designer: Robert Shannon
Sound Designer: Dave Clarke
Stage Manager: Gina Moe
Production Manager: Bruce Hennel
Technical Director and Carpenter: Colin Page
Head Electrician and Welder: Jan Machalka
Wardrobe: Joanna Johnston
Production Assistant: John Holman, Mike Johnson, Shauna Murphy

cast cast3 greg and ron lorne and ron