Life Skills

“Success… is a barren concept. Survival is what it’s all about. And we survive by adapting, constantly.”

Above all else, Life Skills is a showpiece for actor skills. And Cooper's pair of actors has real chemistry under the pressure of instantaneous transformations.

Edmonton Journal

Sometimes it seems that everyday occurrences are the most overwhelming. But do we have to appear so ridiculous as we try to get by? Relax. Help is on the way… maybe. Video and theatre combine in this unique, award winning hit comedy about people simply trying to cope.

Playwright: David King
Director: John Cooper
Cast: Raul Tome and Natascha Girgis Design Concept: David Skelton Set and Lighting Designer: Mariko Heidelk Costume Designer: Deanna Finnman Video Director: Dave Cunningham Movement Coach: Linda Rubin Stage Manager: Gina Moe Assistant Stage Manager/Dresser: Erica Letchford Prod. Manager: Bruce Hennel Technical Director/Carpenter: Colin Page Head Electrician: Jan Machalka Production Assistant: Shauna Murphy, Mark Sazausky Seamstress: Cindy Burgess Scenic Painter: Brenda Inglis