“Learn to listen. There it is again; hear it? Silence. In that silence lies more truth than in any words.”

A passionate and seductive tale of a Canadian man magnetically drawn to an enigmatic Greek woman. In the heat of Santorini, thought to be the original site of the lost paradise of Atlantis, eroticism and spirituality combine to celebrate life and the powers that are so mysteriously locked within it. A co-production with Workshop West Theatre and Western Canadian Theatre Company.

Playwright: Maureen Hunter
Director: John Cooper
Cast: David Mann and Janet Michael Movement Coach: Linda Rubin Set and Lighting Designer: Bretta Gerecke Costumes and Props Designer: Erin Haid Sound Designer: Darrin Hagen Stage Manager: Gina Moe Production Assistant: Shauna Murphy Sewer: Bev Oliwa


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