The Hats of Mr. Zenobe

“Ah, the end of the twentieth century. After all the blood and tears look what we are reduced to. A man dressed as a King, speaking to a plastic duck.”

The Hats of Mr. Zenobe takes its inspiration from the remarkable life and creations of Vahan Poladian, an exiled Armenian, who spent the last thirty years of his life building his amazing phantasmagoria of hats, costumes, pipes, and canes and twice daily marching through the streets, reminding his ad hoc audiences of all of the indiscretions of the twentieth century, always with the “hope to change the world with laughter”.

Playwright: Robert Astle, in collaboration with Jim Jackson and Agnes Limbos

Cast: Robert Astle Set and Hat Designer: Robert Astle Stage Manager: Joanne Seaman Technician: Bruce Hennel Costume Construction and Repair: Georgina Brown and Bev Oliwa Sound Tape: Don Armitage and Bob Hamilton Voices: Jim Jackson “Incontinent” Installation: Alyx Jones Dramaturge: Ben Henderson Production Assistant: Simon Zenon-Astle Poster Designer: Marina Popova