Collateral Damage

“The only thing safe with a monster is another monster… You guys speak the same language after all.”

Waiting, wondering, Anglophone Henry Lee and Francophone Jeanne Leger-Lee are in prison for charges unknown. Time passes, tension mounts and their world becomes smaller as they wait for freedom. Thrown together with a mysterious young woman, Han, the precarious balance of Henry and Jeanne’s struggle to maintain sanity and their own personalities is violently shattered.

Playwright: Mansel Robinson
Director: Ben Henderson
Cast: Larry Yachimec, Burgandy Code, Yoshiko Shimizu and Kayla Herman Set and Costume Designer: Robert Shannon Sound Designer: Paul Morgan Donald Lighting Designer: Judith Bowden Stage Manager: Gina Moe Assistant Stage Manager: Allan Bassil Production Manager: Stephen Roy Light and Audio Technician: Todd Hurley Props Designer: Charlotte Hunt Carpenter: Andy Hnatyshyn French Consultants: Guylaine Normandin, Daniel Cournoyer and Chantal Bock Spanish Consultant: Lucrecia Mendoza