David for Queen

A provocative look at a gay teenager’s search for acceptance in a straight world. A co-production with Catalyst Theatre.

Playwright: John Lazarus
Director: Ruth Smillie
Cast: Julie Bond, Elizabeth Brown, Andrew Dolha, Neil Grahn, Earl Klein and Raul Tome Assistant Director: Margaret Mardirossian Set Designer: Daniel van Heyst Costume Designer: Heather Redfern Lighting Designer: Alastair Elliot Stage Manager: Terri Gillis Sound Operator: Terrence Gordon Sound Designer: Ed Little Dresser: Lisa Morris Assistant Stage Manager: Denise Aitken Lighting Operator: Geoff Jackson

“The characters and scenarios in this play are drawn from six months of interviews with gay teens, teachers, clergy, psychologists, and other helping professionals. Based on this research, Catalyst commissioned playwright John Lazarus to create a fictional work which would bring to life the stories of those affected by homophobia.” –  Catalyst Theatre, 1988

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