Walt and Roy

"It was like God just didn’t have anyplace else to put us so he put us together. We’re oddments.”

Walt and Roy Disney collide the night before they face the moneymen who will bankroll the “Snow White” project. Two siblings – a temperamental genius and a pragmatic businessman – engage in the confrontation of their lives in this impassioned and riveting tale of brotherly love. Walt and Roy was nominated for the Governor’s General Award for Drama. It also won first prize in the 1985 Alberta Culture Department playwriting competition. Part of Plays in Progress.

Playwright: Michael DC McKinlay
Director: Raymond Storey
Cast: Blair Haynes and David Mann Set & Costume Designer: Daniel van Heyst Lighting & Props Designer: David Belke Technical Director: Alastair Elliot Production/Stage Manager: Lance D. Olson Production Assistant: Geoffrey Jackson Sound Designer: Ed Little Seamstress: Rhonda van Heyst