Something in the Wind

“So many times, you wanted to quit, but then you couldn’t…You’d see a newborn calf trying to stand up in a field covered with sulphur dust, and you knew you could not give up.”

Storey's writing is contained and eloquent... And Heatley's cast is absolutely first rate.

Edmonton Journal

Something in the Wind (formerly titled Sick of It) is a powerful, human drama set against the explosive backdrop of Alberta’s most controversial issue. Jean is a woman who has lived for thirty years in the shadow of the gas processing plant, and feistily maintained a rocky truce with her industrial neighbor. Her daughter, Karen, is an anxious young mother whose fear for her sick child leads her on an uphill campaign for honest answers to blunt questions. Donny is a man who acknowledges the necessity of the industry and is determined to take responsibility for his own life. Part of Plays in Progress.

Playwright: Raymond Storey
Director: Stephen Heatley
Cast: Bonnie Green, Bradley C. Rudy, Susan Sneath and Robert Winslow Production Designer: Daniel van Heyst Sound Designer: John Roby Stage Manager: Linda Graham Technical Director: Mel Geary