Is Nothing Socred Anymore?

"After all, what possible reason could Albertans need a ray of hope for? That’s going to be pretty hard… to find someone hard up in the land of plenty.”

Under Stephen Heatley's customarily deft hand, the piece moves right along at a snappy pace.

Edmonton Sun

With Is Nothing Socred Anymore? the socially relevant and the musically entertaining meet for what promises to be a delightful evening of humor, song, satire, and a lesson in Alberta’s political history.

Playwright: Larry Zacharko, Music and Lyrics by Bev Ross
Director: Stephen Heatley
Cast: Nola Augustson, Marianne Copithorne and Bev Ross Production Designer: David Belke Technical Director: Alastair Elliot Stage Manager: Sylvia Betts


Is Nothing Socred Anymore 96-35-2-13 Is Nothing Socred Anymore 96-35-392