Working Title

“At age 30, Alexander the Great had conquered the known world. At age 30, I was turned down by Visa.” Some men’s dreams of fame and fortune are more successful than others, and some are far more entertaining. Working Title is a montage of adventures in two men’s light hearted quest for self worth.

Playwrights: Edward Connell and Stephen Heatley
Director: Raymond Storey
Cast: Edward Connell and Stephen Heatley Designer: Daniel van Heyst Stage Manager: Linda Graham Technical Director: Mel Geary

February 24 – March 4, 1984, Theatre Network, Edmonton

October 12-21, 1984, Theatre Network, Edmonton

October 22 – November 11, 1984, Alberta tour

“Time to start again
I’ll soon move far ahead
Protected by this thought
Mozart is dead!
He’s dead, I’m not.
Mozart is dead
I’m not!”

working title