Pantages Presents

“Memories… the older you get, the more you have. I wish it was the same with my teeth.”

It's an evening of fun and imaginatively planned nostalgia.

Edmonton Sun

The Pantages Theatre opened in Edmonton in 1913 as a first class vaudeville house. Working backstage at the time was a thirteen year old named Tim Emory. In 1982, Tim sifts through his trunk full of memorabilia, mementoes of the acts that once headlined the Pantages Theatre circuit, and the performances live again in his memory and in our hearts.

Playwright: Gina Kravetz
Director: Stephen Heatley
Cast: Raymond Storey, Gerard Lepage, Judith Haynes, Nola Augustson, David Edney and Don Stein Production Designer: Dominee Maurer Musical Director: Elsie Achuff Stage Manager: Derek Visser

January 19-31, 1982, Theatre Network, Edmonton

February 2-27, 1982, Alberta tour


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