An emotional portrayal of a rootless man, Simon Fraser, swept up in the turbulence of discovery, exploration, revolution and massacre. The play was adapted into a television drama by Mark Manson – it aired on ITV on Dec. 18, 1977, featuring the same cast.

Playwright: Sharon Pollock, with a collective of artists from Theatre Network and Simon Fraser University
Director: Mark Manson
Cast: Jeurgen Beerwald, Jonathan C. Barker, John Brazier, Heather Blakemore, Barbara Kelly, Dennis Robinson, Tom McBeath, Tanya Ryga, Sharon Stearns, Robert Bainborough, Shay Garner and Stephen Osler (Musician) Composers: Tanya Ryga, Jonathan C. Barker and Stephen Osler

June 16 – 25, 1977, Simon Fraser University Studio II, BC

“One more Canadian hero
One more Canadian man
It’s getting so hard to keep up
With the heroes we’re making up
I don’t want to know who I am.”

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