Two Miles Off: Elnora Sunrise with a Twist of Lemon

Short vignettes, drawn from the real small town life in Elnora, Alberta, revolve around the people who live in this farming town which is two miles off the highway and too small to have a sign. At times tragic and at times humorous, the play is interspersed with original folk music.

Playwrights/Performers: Jonathan C. Barker, Jeurgen Beerwald, Shay Garner, Dennis Robinson and Tanya Ryga

Director: Mark Manson

June 25-27, 1975, Elnora

June 28, 1975, Studio Theatre, Edmonton

June 29, 1975, Red Deer College, Red Deer

June 30, 1975, Banff School of Fine Arts

The Theatre Network company spent weeks living in Elnora, Alberta, interviewing, working with and coming to understand the residents. At the end of this process, the company presented Two Miles Off, which featured characters and stories directly drawn from the community, to the people of Elnora. The reactions of the people were unprecedented, ranging from delight to rage to astonishment.