Tornado Magnet

The trials, the tribulations, the tragedies, the triumphs. The trailers. The trash. The truth!

By Darrin Hagen

65 mins runtime

November 10–November 27
Previews November 8–9, 2016
Opening November 10

Tues-Sat @ 8pm | Sundays @ 2pm

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“They say the fire’s still burning. Underground. Could be years ‘til it’s out.”

By Matthew MacKenzie

90 mins | No intermission runtime

February 9–February 26
Previews February 7–8, 2017
Opening February 9

Tues-Sat @ 8pm | Sundays @ 2pm

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Irma Voth

WORLD PREMIERE Irma and her sister Aggie live a reserved life in a Mennonite colony in Chihuahua, Mexico under the dutiful watch of their father. When a famous Mexican filmmaker and his crew arrives to shoot a movie within the colony, the artists involved inspire Irma to seek out new ideas and bravely blaze a …

By Chris Craddock based on the novel by Miriam Toews

April 20–May 7
Previews April 18–19, 2017
Opening April 20

Tues-Sat @ 8pm | Sundays @ 2pm

Nextfest 2017

A PRODUCTION OF THE NEXTFEST ARTS COMPANY Celebrating the creative voice of the next generation, Nextfest offers original encounters in theatre, dance, music, film, spoken word, visual art, multidisciplinary collaborations, and unforgettable artistic experiences. A powerful force in Edmonton’s festival season, Nextfest 2017 amplifies the voice of up and coming movers, shakers, makers, dreamers and …

June 1–June 11
Opening June 1